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Clean Environment and conservation of energy in the Pierce Gym

Installation of a new system of cleansing the air and improving the environment
In the Pierce Gym

Within the framework of the commitment of the American College of Greece to Conserving Energy and Protecting the Environment, in July, special equipment was installed in the area of the indoor Gym at Pierce. On the one hand, it aims at ensuring a healthy environment for the athletes to train in, through the cleansing of the air from viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and on the other hand, it aims at improving the performance of the air-conditioner, resulting in the thermal comfort of the athletes.

12 machines, installed on the ceiling of the Gym, work combined, following the operation hours of the air-conditioning of this area. At a very low operational and maintenance cost, we aspire to achieve the cleansing of the air from pathogenic pollutants by 99% (using technology GPS NPBI) as well as the reduction of the level of odors, through special filters and the conservation of energy, up to 30%, for the air-conditioning of the area, through a mechanism of appropriate air circulation.

With the operation of this system, the College is, constantly, improving the work and learning environment while reducing its energy footprint at the same time.