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Christmas Bazaar 2022 – from Kindergarten to High School for the first time!

Pierce – The American College of Greece organized this year’s Christmas Bazaar, on Friday, December 16th (17:00 – 22:00) and Saturday, December 17th (15:00 – 20:00), at the Agia Paraskevi campus, for the first time with all educational levels together, from Kindergarten to High School.

The Bazaar included booths with tasty food and drinks from all over the world, stalls with imaginative creations – gifts for the holidays, theatrical and dance performances, music and songs by the Choir and the Orchestra, the Drama and Dance Groups, the Artistic Groups, as well as games and workshops for the younger students (music, crafts, storytelling, Christmas carols, drama, pastries, etc.).

Part of the proceeds was donated to the Community Soup Kitchen of Agia Paraskevi, the Community Grocery Store of Pallini, as well as to institutions chosen by the Student Communities of High School and Elementary School, while the rest will be donated to the Pierce Scholarship Fund. Thus, with everyone’s valuable contribution, we will provide educational opportunities to more children through scholarships and financial aid, and at the same time, we will help our fellow citizens who are dealing with financial hardships.

Gymnasium – Lyceum Bazaar Sponsors:

Kindergarden – Elementary School Bazaar Sponsors: