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Choir and Orchestra in Musical Meeting at Ionian University

The Pierce Choir and Orchestra took part in the 1st Meeting of Elementary, High School and University Student Musical Ensembles at the Ionian University on Friday, February 21, 2020. The Choir and Orchestra of our school were conducted by Music Teachers Ms. Dora Panagopoulou and Mr. Orestis Chatzinakis respectively.

Pierce students interpreted musical selections, combining pieces from different musical periods and traditions. Among the pieces presented was a composition by a C Lyceum student, Fotis Kavmenakis, entitled “Humanistic Nature,” written especially for our School Orchestra.

The musical meeting was organized by the Musical Studies Department of Ionian University, in cooperation with the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education for the Ionian Islands, in the context of strengthening fruitful dialogue and collaboration with the broader school community. The organizer and overall coordinator was composer, musicologist and member of the Special Education Staff of the Department, Ms. Maria Dourou.

In the framework of this concert, a three-day trip to Kerkyra was organized, during which our students had the opportunity to visit the most important sights of the island. We warmly thanks the Parents’ Association and the Administration of our School, who contributed to making the trip possible by covering the expenses for two of our students’ meals.