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Career Paths: our graduates inform our students about studies and professions

“Career Paths” is an informative program on studies and professions, organized for A and B Lyceum students. It is tailored to the different needs of our students and aims to facilitate each student in weighing the appeal as well as the difficulties of different professions, to take into account their own personality traits and the latest developments, to become clearer about their goals and to broaden their options so that they can make decisions about their future. An important role in making the right choice is played by students’ being informed about the professions that interest them and the way in which they will need to plan their studies so that they can succeed in reaching their goals.

On Friday, February 8, Pierce graduates returned to their classrooms where, as speakers this time, they conveyed their knowledge and experiences from their studies and their professional careers to our current students. Each A and B Lyceum student selected two speakers to listen to from a list of 24 graduates. Our students took advantage of the knowledge and experiences of our invited guest speakers – alumni, and were informed about the professions that interest them.

At the same time, through this collaboration between students and alumni, the bonds were strengthened among the members of the College family and paved the way for “Career Paths 2020.”