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Bronze Medal for 6 Pierce Students, members of the National Robotics Team of Greece

Pierce students, Giasmin Samolada (IB2), Ariti Katsimicha (B Lyceum), Protagoras Katsimichas (C Lyceum), Anastasios Spanos Kapantonis (C Lyceum), Gerasimos Vallianatos (B Lyceum) and Filippos Pantelis (C Gymnasium) conquered the Bronze Medal XPRIZE Innovation Award with the Greek National Robotics Team (FIRST Global Challenge Team Greece) in the Olympiad that was organized in Geneva, October 13th -16th, with the participation of teams from 164 countries.

This year’s subject was “Carbon Capture”, how Carbon Dioxide (CO2) can be captured and stored, and the awards were given to the teams that developed innovative solutions in order to combat climate change. The teams were called upon to investigate the causes and results of CO2 in the atmosphere, human activities, climate change and to propose innovative solutions which will improve the lives of the local and global community.

Within this framework, the Greek team created the Aethra Project, combining an innovative system with heat pumps and the cooling systems used by large hotel units, reducing electricity consumption and consequently the production of Carbon Dioxide. The Robotics Olympiad FIRST GLOBAL Challenge is a global robotics, science, innovation and technology event, in which national teams from191 countries participate with children aged from 16 to 18 years old.

The Greek National Team is comprised of 40 Gymnasium and Lyceum students (of whom 8 represented Greece in this year’s event). The students were selected based on their knowledge in Programming and Robotics, their occupation with science, and lastly, their experience from their participation in similar national and global events.