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Trip to Boston – Pierce educational project with Needham High School in Massachusetts

Fifteen 3rd Gymnasium students traveled to Boston, USA (April 26 – May 4, 2024), as part of a Pierce and Needham High School (Massachusetts, USA) collaboration on an interdisciplinary educational project on “Disease and Equity”.

Our students worked meticulously in groups before the trip. They created presentations about Greece, the Greek Health System, how Greece tackled the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and how ancient Greeks dealt with disease, illness, and pandemics. The presentations included references to the impact of the Greek language on scientific terminology, the results of deep research for the recent pandemic in Greece, facts from ancient Greek history and mythology, interactive games, and short theatrical skits.

The students visited Boston’s sights, monuments, and other places of interest. They visited Harvard University and joined Harvard students in real classes, where they experienced academic life in such a prestigious educational institution. They visited the “Plimoth Patuxet Museums” and saw how life in the 1600s was for the Pilgrims of the legendary Mayflower ship. They went for walks on the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, tasted local delicacies, and even attended a professional baseball game!

The students visited the Greek Consulate in Boston and had a meaningful conversation with Mr. Symeon Tegos, Consul General of Greece, whom we cordially thank for his time and hospitality.

Our students and their two chaperons, English teachers Ms. Vassiliki Giannopoulou and Mr. Konstantinos Tatsis, experienced the American culture, history, and traditions and made friends for life! It was indeed the experience of a lifetime for everyone involved!