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Awards Night – Senior Prom 2021: Congratulations and Success in all your Endeavors

On Thursday, July 1st, Awards Night and Senior Prom took place in honor of the 2021 graduates.

Members of the Administration and Direcotors of the American College of Greece presented the awards and the Senior Prom followed in a festive atmosphere.

The awards that were bestowed were:

  • Koralia Krokodeilou Award: Marilena Hatjikosta
  • Olga E. Julius Award: Ioulianos Kotsios
  • Smith Book Award: Maria – Panagiota Berketi (B Lyceum)
  • Flora Haniotou Award: Christina Servou
  • Pierce IB DP Award: Amerissa Zotou
  • English Forensics Award: Marilena Hatjikosta
  • Minos Dounias Choir Award: Afroditi Mathiou
  • Greek Sunny Days Award: Kanella (Nelly) Papakosta – Sampatakaki
  • English Sunny Days Award: Klea Tryfoni
  • Athletic Award: Konstantinos – Emmanouil Stamou
  • MUN Award: Theodoros Iakovou
  • Drama Award: Alexandros-Panagiotis Karathanasis
  • Orchestra Award: Efthymia Adamopoulou
  • Artistic Contribution Award: Alexandros – Panagiotis Karathanasis

Follow the link to see the Award Night Program.

As Parents, Teachers and members of the Administration, we always feel particularly proud of the achievements, the distinctions and the success of our children. Heartfelt congratulations to all, good luck on your studies and career!