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Athletic competition “Run your 3km”

With great success and lots of participants, the “Run your 3km” competition was held, organized by the Pierce Physical Education Department, March 15-21, 2021. The winners were students who ran a distance of 3 kilometers in the shortest possible time. To measure the distance, the students made use of mobile phone or smartwatch apps.

In the Gymnasium, the best performance among the boys was Jason Georgoulis of b5, with a time of 10:05, and among the girls, Konstantina Malakasi of b1, with a time of 13:08. In the Lyceum the best performance among the boys was Vasileios-Jason Miliionis of Α6, with a time of 9:12, and among the girls, Anastasia Efraimoglou of ΓΠΘΥ4 with a time of 14:07.

Congratulations to all Pierce students on their great effort!