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At the pinnacle of success! Pierce graduates excel in the Panhellenic Exams with a success rate of 99,4%

Every year our students pleasantly surprise us by achieving greater success. This year, despite the adversities of the past few months, 99,4% (of those who submitted Ministry Application) of our students managed to enter top Schools and Departments of Higher Education.

The announcement of the basis grades and the names of the successful candidates by the Ministry of Education, was very moving and brought smiles to the community of the American College of Greece as we congratulate Alexandros who was the 1st in the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens with 23,307 points!

  • 28 more Pierce students are going to study at the Polytechnic Universities of our country (12 at the National Technical University of Athens of which 6 in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering).
  • In the field of Health Sciences, 4 of our students got into Medical School (3 in Athens), 5 in the Department of Dentistry and 2 in the Department of Pharmacy.
  • 2 Pierce graduates will study at the Athens University Law School while 6 will attend the School of Law at Democritus University of Thrace.
  • In the field of Economics and Computer Science, 43 of our students will attend top departments of Economic Schools (Department of Management Science & Technology, Department of Accounting & Finance, Department of Economics, Department of Business Administration and Marketing) and 15 of our graduates will attend the high in demand departments of Computer Science.
  • Lastly, 68% of our successful candidates will attend departments of the University in Athens and Piraeus!

Our hearty congratulations to all. We wish you academic success and success in your future career!