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Ariadni Papouli, new Board Chair of the Student Advisory Board of the Diamond Challenge (Delaware University)

The IB2 Pierce student, Ariadni – Anthi Papouli, winner of the Diamond Challenge 2021, a Global High School Entrepreneurship Competition (Award: “Waste and Recycling Innovation”) will be Board Chair of the Diamond Challenge Student Advisory Board for the Competition that will be held in the academic year 2022-2023!

Ariadni was a member of the Student Advisory Board last year – the first member from Greece in the history of this Competition and this year she is going to be the Board Chair! In the 11 years that this Competition has been held, Ariadni is the first non-American who has been elected to this position! In this coming year, the Student Advisory Board will consist of 13 members – carefully selected students from all over the world – who make a contribution to the organization and promotion of the competition, worldwide.

Ariadni will represent Greece and Pierce, in the demanding post of Board Chair. Among her duties, she will be responsible for coordinating the members, supporting and assessing the participants, collaborating with all the bodies to implement the time frame that has been set and, of course, promoting the aims of the Competition for more effective youth entrepreneurship, internationally.

Congratulations Ariadni, we wish you all the best.