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A Tribute to the Three Hierarchs 2023

On Monday 30 January, with the occasion of the commemoration of the Three Hierarchs, a tribute to the memory of these three great figures was held at the Pierce Theatre on the topic “The value of true friendship according to the Three Hierarchs.” The work of these three great figures is the best example of spiritual treasure of the world’s cultural heritage over the centuries. The students focused on education, friendship, love, support and humanity, presented through texts, images and songs the timeless value of true friendship, emphasizing its importance for the mental, social and spiritual cultivation of man.

Narration of texts: Efthimios Papanikolaou (A8), Nikoleta Parlavantza (A8), Marios Pasoglou (A8), Petros Patras (A8), Dimitrios Patronis (A8), Stefanos Petropoulos (A8), Maria Pinotsi (A8), Andreas Pinotsis (A8), Katerina Pothoulaki (A8), Ira Poulou (A8), Konstantinos Rigas (A8). Music for the event: Anna Ward (g2) – Clarinet, Salomi Minogianni (B5) – Song, Ariadni Bita (g4) – Cello, Nefeli Nikolaou (b4) – Song, Christos Papageorgiou (c4) – Drums, Melina Papouli (b7) – Vocals, Foivos Tsumas (b2) – Flute, Annie Houve (b5) – Vocals.

The teacher in charge of the tribute was the Theologian, Mrs. Zoe Zikidou.