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8th Panhellenic School Sports Day

Within the framework of the celebration of the 8th Panhellenic School Sports Day and the European School Sports Day, events were held at Pierce with the common motto “School in Motion: Exercising creatively”.

On September 29th and October 1st, our students took part in Race For The Cure while on October 4th, distinguished athletes visited our School and a discussion was held with our students on the issue of the value of athletics:

  • Members of the Greek National Water-Polo Team shared their experiences from conquering the 2nd Place in the Tokyo Olympic Games.
  • The athlete and member of the Greek National Paraolympic Team, Stelios Malakopoulos, presented to our students his athletic career leading up to his world record in the Long Jump, in the category T62 – double severed lower limbs!
  • The athlete Eleni – Claudia Polak, along with her coach Manolis Karayiannis, talked to us about her athletic success and experiences, and what she has gained from sports in her life.

All our students, whether in person in the theater or through live streaming in their classrooms, had the opportunity to converse with the athletes, to ask them questions and to understand the value of sports in our lives.