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5 Pierce students qualified for the final of CanSat Panhellenic Space Competition

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) students of Pierce Jiasmin-Alexandra Samolada, Ioanna Pavlopoulou, Georgios Antonopoulos, Foivos Chrysafidis, and Alexandra Iliopoulou (B Lyceum), with the supervising IT teacher Mr. S. Katsoulis, qualified for the final round of the competition CanSat in Greece.

CanSat in Greece is a Panhellenic Space Competition which is organized by SPIN – Space Innovation, in collaboration with the European Space Association (ESA) and the World CanSat and Rocketry Competition (WCRC).

The participants are invited to design and construct an educational can-sized satellite, which carries out a space mission which they themselves have envisioned. The satellite is launched to an altitude of 1 km, onboard a rocket that has been built by SPIN and in continuation it ejects from it. After the ejection from the rocket, the satellite lands safely with the assistance of a parachute, performing the mission that the team has selected.

The competition has a duration of 8 months and the victorious team of the high school student category instantly qualifies for the European Competition CanSats in Europe, which is organized by the ESA. The final round of the competition will be held in Athens, from April 23rd to 30th, 2022.