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3 first Places achieved by Pierce students in the Robotics Olympiad FIRST GLOBAL CHALLENGE!

Pierce Lyceum students Gerasimos Vallianatos (A Lyceum), Protagoras-Efpolis Katsimichas (B Lyceum) and Anastasis Spanos – Kapantonis (B Lyceum), represented Greece in the Robotics Olympiad FIRST GLOBAL CHALLENGE “Discover and Recover 2021” and achieved:

  • Gold Medal in the Health field (First Global Challenge Award).
  • Silver Medal for the “Panacea” project.
  • Bronze Medal for winning 3rd place in the overall classification of the Olympiad.

The team selected and competed in the category “Health”, as the challenges for our health continue to appear and develop. The solutions provided by the national teams had to aim for the improvement of accessibility, the efficacy and the achievement of financially affordable health treatment, as the most significant keys for the improvement of world health.

The robot “Panacea“, created by our students, is an autonomous domestic nurse which can measure the patients’ vital signs, inform the medical staff and sanitize a small space. Along with students from other schools, they created another robot called “Heron” which can move with precision along predetermined routes, to collect and transfer objects, to shoot balls and cubes at a distance, to carry its own weight, as well as a weather satellite, the “Cubesat“, which studies the data from the atmosphere and informs the station on Earth about possible wildfires!

The Robotics Olympiad “FIRST GLOBAL Challenge” is a world organization of Robotics, Science and Technology, in which national teams participate from 190 countries, with youth aged 16-18. Our three students competed as members of the Greek National Team and achieved the exceptional distinctions in the Olympiad, which was held remotely from June 27th to September 25th, 2021.