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2nd place at International Tennis Tournament for Th. Mitsakos!

Pierce student, Deree Tennis Academy athleteκαι and tennis scholarship recipient Theodore Mitsakos, won 2nd place at the ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors in category 4, in Cairo, Egypt!

The ITF Juniors Tour category 4 (athletes under 18 years of age) took place January 25-29, 2021. Theodore traveled to Egypt, accompanied by his coach, Mr. George Karagiannis and, with his partner, Belgian Alessio Basile, had 4 successive wins leading to the final round. In the first round, the two athletes faced two athletes from Egypt, in the second round two Czechs, in the quarter-final round two Romanians, in the semi-finals two Egyptians again, and in the final two Russian athletes.

Congratulations to Theodore!