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1st place in AEGEAN Athletics tournament

Pierce athletic teams came first among 15 schools at the AEGEAN Athletics tournament organized by Anatolia College in Thessaloniki from Thursday, November 29 to Sunday, December 2, 2018.

More specifically, Pierce students achieved:

  • 1st place in Track and Field, coached by Ms. Mavrofryda
  • 1st place in Girls’ Basketball, coached by Ms. Falouka and with Most Valuable Player, Ioanna Charikleia Kavouni
  • 1st place in Boys’ Basketball, coached by Mr. Koloveros and with Most Valuable Player, Iosif Koloveros
  • 1st place in Girls’ Volleyball, coached by Mr. Kehagias

Our Boys’ Volleyball team (coached by Mr. Kehagias), Girls’ Soccer team (coached by Ms. Seed) and Boys’ Soccer team (coached by Mr. Zafeiropoulos) also took part. All of our students were distinguished for their high ethos, their sense of friendly competition and contributed to our School’s coming first in the competition among boys, girls, as well as in the general ranking!