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1st Junior Forensics Tournament at Pierce!

On Thursday May 19th, 2022, The 1st Junior Forensics Tournament (JFT) in the history of Pierce, was held on the school premises. 40 A Gymnasium students, who participated in the Junior Forensics Club – JFC, took part in eight events, and competed in three forensics competitions:

  • Impromptu speaking,
  • Group Discussion and
  • Debate.

During this past academic year, the students who participated in the Club were introduced to the art of persuasion, and learned how to develop arguments based on the Aristotelian Appeals. The members of the JFC learned that their voice has power and that communication is meaningful when there is mutual respect. Finally, the members put into practice the techniques that they were taught by the two teacher advisors of the club, Ms. Sandy Agrafiotis and Ms. Gisela Iosif, but also by the Student Mentors of the Forensics Club, David Aspridis, Konstantinos Dimitroulis, Celia Kalogeropoulou, Fotini Giannopoulou – Lagogianni, Nikolaos Tselepis, they learned how to develop arguments effectively.

This event was carried out successfully due to the support of all the volunteers. The Advisors of the Forensics Club, Christina Chrysakis, Nikoletta Sarantopoulou, and Efthymia Karava impeccably implemented the mentorship program with Lyceum students, who have extensive experience in Rhetorical Competitions and many distinctions. For the first time, they changed their perspective and served as judges in the tournament: Eleanna Alafouzou, David Aspridis, Evaggelia Vakarelli, Evaggelia Vonatsou, Fotini Giannopoulou – Lagogianni, Konstantinos Dimitroulis, Orestis Eleftheriou, Celia Kalogeropoulou, Vlassis Katsaounis, Chrysi Pantazi, Eleni Stroggylopoulou, Marianta Terzi, Nikolaos Tselepis, Alexandra Feloukatzi, Sophia Nerea Hatziioannou.

We would like to congratulate the finalists and the winners of the Junior Forensics Tournament:
Impromptu: Cronjie Konstantia, Kyveli Anna Sotiropoulou Trakateli

Group Discussion: Danae Dandoura, Kostis Zois, Maria Eleni Sarimvei, Eleni Hatziioznnou, Aggelos Pechlivanidis and
Maria Aggeliki Panou

Debate Proposition: Cronjie Konstantia, Anna Ifigeneia Ourouli, Maria Valeria Papanikolaou, Maria Eleni Sarimvei.

Opposition: Socratis Mallios, Fanis Vitzilaios, Eleni Hatziioannou, Aggelos Pechlivanidis.