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15 Pierce students qualified for the next round of the Economics Olympiad!

Fifteen Pierce students qualified for the Regional round of the Greek Economics Olympiad, which is organized for the 2nd year by the Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis (KEFIM) in collaboration with the Czech Institute of Economic Education (INEV) which is the organizing body of the International Economics Olympiad, under the auspices of the National Bank of Greece.

The Pierce students who qualified for the next round are:

  • 8 A Lyceum students: Daphne Poulimenou*, Dimitra Chiotini, Gerasimos Vallianatos, Panagiotis Spyrakos. Angelos-Dionysios Debonos, Theodoros Lignos, Vassileios Papadias, and Panagiotis Baloutas. The students were supported in their effort for participation in the competition through the Economics Academy, with the guidance of the Teacher Advisor Mr. I. Minas, which operates within the framework of the Afternoon Program.
  • 3 Students from IB1: Maria Tourni, Apostolos Dedeloudis and Eleni Ioannou.
  • 4 students from C Lyceum: George Peppes, Nikolaos Nikiforakis, Christos Tamvakas, and Anna Papadia.

*Daphne Poulimenou was awarded 2nd place among all A Lyceum students (grade 92%):

The Competition is carried out in three phases (School, Regional, Final). Pierce reached the Finals last year with three students and the Economics Teacher and Advisor Mr. I. Minas was on the Organizing Committee.

The Competition aims to spark the interest of students in Economics and Entrepreneurship, as well as to assist the discovery and encouragement of the new generation of talented aspiring economists. The examination includes Microeconomics and Macroeconomics topics, as well as topics of general interest in Economics, at a high academic level.

The 1st Round (School) took place during the week of 14th – 18th February and the next one (Regional) will be held in April, on a date that is to be announced soon.