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15 Pierce Students in the 2nd Phase of the Panhellenic Computer Competition

15 Pierce students made it to the next phase of the 34th Panhellenic Student Computer Competition, surpassing the school record of 11 successful candidates in the 31st Competition! Eight of the successful candidates are Lyceum students while seven are Gymnasium students: Michael Milionis, Lymperis – Georgios Karras, Gerasimos Vallianatos, Markos Radaios, Eftychis Vlitakis, Konstantinos Christakos, George Zorzos, Dimitrios Psallidas from the Lyceum and Emmanuel Bouzoulas, Kassandra Andreou, Dimitrios Balsis, Ioannis Poulakos, Konstantinos Georgalas, Konstantinos Fragoulis and Filippos Pantelis from Gymnasium.

The competition is organized by the Greek Computer Society, and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and aims at the promotion of computer education to the new generation students. The 2nd phase is going to take place in February.

At Pierce, the students are supported through the Computer Programming Academy Senior (C Gymnasium and Lyceum) and Junior (A and B Gymnasium) and their advisors Ms. Stavraki and Mr. Founta, respectively, which operates within the framework of the After School Program.

The Academy’s goal is to help students develop their inclination for Computer Science, enhancing skills such as the development of strategic solutions and writing code in the programming language C++, skills which are associated with innovation in most contemporary areas of science and technology.