The mission of Pierce is to provide a holistic education to form intellectually independent, morally responsible, socially engaged global citizens. “Non ministrari sed ministrare” (“Not to be served but to serve”) defines our institutional character and our aspiration for our students.

Profile of a Pierce Learner

Pierce students are educated to be:

Leaders who are:

  • Aware of global challenges
  • Committed to working for justice
  • Open in their thinking, able to communicate clearly
  • Appreciative of the riches that diversity and equity bring
  • Able to develop unique and sustainable solutions to real world problems

Pierce students are nurtured to be:

Intellectually independent learners who are:

  • Knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects
  • Critical thinkers
  • Creative
  • Able to conduct their own research
  • Excited by discovery and learning
  • Understanding of the complexities they will encounter in their studies, work, personal lives, and broader society

Pierce students are inspired to be:

  • Resilient and hard-working
  • Persistent and tenacious and brave
  • Collaborative
  • Honest and compassionate and empathetic
  • Confident and influential personalities who act with a sense of ethics and personal responsibility