Student Life Clubs

Student Life – 2019 – 20 School Year

Gymnasium / Lyceum Clubs within the school program

At the beginning of October, Club Hour begins, once again on Wednesdays this year. Gymnasium, Lyceum and IB students will choose from among around 50 different clubs, involving the Arts, Athletics, Speaking, Science, etc., which will be run by Faculty Advisors during a particular hour set aside in the school schedule (6th period every Wednesday).

The selection of the club each student would like to attend will take place next week during the school day on a special electronic form in the Computer Labs. Students will select up to 4 clubs (in order of preference) and will be able to request a change within 2 weeks of the start of Club Hour.

These clubs, whether they have been running successfully for years, or are new ones created each year, give our students and our teachers the opportunity to do something special, and which they really enjoy.

At the forefront of the educational process are the school clubs, athletic, artistic, cultural as well as other specialized interests, which give our students the opportunity to discover and to cultivate their special skills and talents. At the same time, they express their creativity and imagination while taking initiative in a spirit of team work.

Gymnasium / Lyceum After-School Clubs

At the College there are clubs that operate during the After-School program. Here you will find descriptions of the clubs that are operating this year, the weekly program, the bus routes for afternoon buses, as well as the Application Form.