School Psychologist

The school psychologist Dr. Nektaria Glinou works with the administration, with teachers and class advisors and the student community, planning ways of dealing with the problems of students or specific groups of students. In addition, she prepares educational seminars aimed at the prevention of the problems of adolescence. Dr. Glinou carries out individual sessions with parents and students. She is responsible for the evaluation of any learning or psychological difficulty that arises and provides short-term therapeutic intervention. The office of the school psychologist is a source of support for students, parents and teachers in a positive atmosphere of cooperation that reflects our school’s child-centered pedagogical approach.

Lyceum students and their parents can meet privately with Dr. Glinou at any time, by appointment. Pierce makes every effort to support its students and their families in a substantial way throughout the school year.

Also, Dr. Glinou holds meetings at the beginning of each school year:

  • With the students of the A Lyceum, on the topic: “Mental resilience and adaptation to the Lyceum”
  • With the students of the C Lyceum, on the topic: “Management of exam anxiety”. Dr. Glinou is also at the disposal of C Lyceum students, during the period of the PanHellenic Examinations, with the aim of psychological support and empowerment.

Nektaria Glinou, Ph.D.
School Psychologist
Pierce – The American College of Greece
Email: [email protected]
Tel. : 210 600 9800, ext. 1031