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Results: 4th Panhellenic Competition Skitsofrenia@Pierce 2018

Pierce – The American College of Greece organized the 4th Panhellenic Student Drawing, Comics and Cartoon Competition “SKITSOFRENIA@PIERCE 2018.”

The them of this year’s Competition was: “WOMAN

The Competition is under the auspices of the Directorate of Secondary Education B Athens. Students of all public and private Gymnasiums and Lyceums in the country were eligible to participate in the Competition.

The Panel of Judges, in the presence of members of the Organizing Committee, met on Tuesday, March 27,  2018 and evaluated the students’ works from schools all around Greece. The outcome of the evaluation was: 13 winnerswho will receive Awards, 5 Lyceum students in the categories sketch, cartoon, comics and 8 Gymnasium students in the categories sketch, cartoon, comics. Honorable Mention will be given to the works of 8 Lyceum students and 4 Gymnasium students. See the Announcement.

The works of all students (see here) will continue to be exhibited on the Pierce campus until the end of May. The exhibition may be visited following communication with the person responsible for the Competition (Mr. I. Kosmas: tel. 2106009800 ext. 1173).

We would like especially to thank the Directorate of Secondary Education B Athens for its support, and the members of the Panel of Judges who, with their knowledge and experience, contributed decisively to the success of the competition.

For more information about the technical characteristics of the works, participation terms and directions, the procedure for submitting works, as well as  the Organizing Committee and Panel of Judges, see the Competition Announcement.

The deadline for the submissions of works is Friday, March 16, 2018. The evaluation of the works will take place on the campus of Pierce – The American College of Greece on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

The criteria for the selection of works will be inspiration, technical excellence, originality and authenticity. For each category (drawing, cartoon, comics), three Awards and Honorable Mentions will be given for the Gymnasium and similarly for the Lyceum. All participants will be given a Certificate of Participation.

The person responsible for the Competition is Mr. Ioannidou Kosmas,, tel. 210 6009800 ext.1169.