Physical Education

Philosophy: Physical Education and Athletics at Pierce are based on the value of the ancient proverb “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” Our School’s aim is the harmonious and balanced development of our students’ mental and physical traits. Specifically, Physical Education classes at Pierce aim at:

– Proper growth and development of the body and movement
– Cultivation of social and mental skills, such as cooperation, team spirit, responsibility, determination, courage and discipline
– Development of self-esteem through participation in athletic activities
– Systematic information about proper dietary habits

All of these contribute to the creation of multi-faceted and healthy personalities, founded in the timeless values of athleticism, such as meritocracy, respect for one’s opponent, fair play, modesty and personal discipline.

2016-17 School Year 

3rd Panhellenic School Athletics Day: health, exercise and ethos!

The Paralympic athletes at Rio 2016, at Pierce, in the context of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

AEGEAN Championship 2016: The “AEGEAN” Championship was organized again this year with great success in Thessaloniki, December 1-4, and was very well-attended by students from the following schools: Anatolia, Pierce – The American College of Greece, Vasileiadi School, Fryganiotis, Arsakeio, the German School, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, HAEF Athens College/ Psychico College, Papafeio Institute, A.F.S. De la Salle, Pinewood, Campion, Robert College, St. Catherine’s, I.S.A. και Axion.

76 Pierce students took part in the following sports: Track and Field (boys – girls), Basketball (boys – girls), Volleyball (boys – girls), Soccer (boys). Pierce teams did extremely well and won distinctions in all of the sports:

Track and Field, 1st place: in overall scores
Boys’ Volleyball, 1st place: the Pierce team won in the final match against Pinewood (2-0)
Soccer (boys), 1st place: the Pierce team won in the final match against HAEF Athens College/Psychico College (3-2)
Girls’ Basketball, 2nd place: the Pierce team lost in the final match against Fryganioti (34 – 24)
Girls’ Volleyball: the Pierce team advanced to the semi-finals and lost to Ellinogermaniki Agogi
Boys’ Basketball: the Pierce team lost in the preliminaries to Fryganioti.

In addition, Pierce student Vasileios Delalis was elected MVP in Volleyball. Throughout the tournament, our students demonstrated, once again, the athletic spirit, friendly competition and ethos.

A.S.I.S. 2016 – 17

Pierce takes part in the organization of A.S.I.S. (Athletics Meetings of Private Schools) in all of its athletics activities for Gymnasium – Lyceum, boys and girls, as a founding member. The goal is to cultivate the value and the philosophy of athletics, a sense of fair play (“ευ αγωνίζεσθαι”), through participation in cultural and athletics events. Twenty-two of the largest private schools in Attica take part in A.S.I.S. Thousands of Elementary, Gymnasium and Lyceum students take part in its activities every year.

Basketball: The Pierce Boys’ Basketball team won 1st place in the championship that took place at the Leontios School on the weekend of February 18 – 19, 2017. Eighteen private schools – members of ASIS took part and the Pierce team reached 1st place, undefeated in all matches. The results of the final four were: semi-final Pierce – Athens College 31-28 and final Pierce – Leontios 39-37.

Basketball: The Gymnasium Girls’ Basketball team won 1st place – for the second year – in the ASIS Championship which took place from March 5th to 18th at the Erasmeio Greek-German School. Ten private schools took part in the championship and the team of Pierce – The American College of Greece made an exceptional appearance as it reached the Final Four undefeated and took 1st place, winning the semi-final against Ellinogermaniki Agogi and the final against HAEF Athens College – Psychico College with a score of 41 – 22.

Ioanna Kavouni won the MVP Award.

Soccer: The Lyceum boys’ soccer team finished 1st in the Category, went through the quarter-final and semi-final rounds and took 2nd place in the final, in a field of 16 schools. The Gymnasium boys’ team also finished 1st in the Category,  went through the quarter-final and semi-final rounds and reached the final, in which it took 2nd place, in a field of 20 schools.

Tennis: In the ASIS 2017 tennis competition, which took place on the weekend of March 4 – 5 in Vari, Eleni Fasoula won 1st place among Gymnasium girls, Theodore Mitsakos won 3rd place among Gymnasium boys and Achilleas Hatziapostolou took 3rd place among Lyceum boys. 

Traditional Dancing: Pierce – The American College of Greece and the Avgoulea – Linardatou Schools organized the 19th ASIS Traditional Dance on Saturday, March 4, 2017, in the Pierce Theater. Twelve member-schools of ASIS (Athletic Meetings of Private Schools) took part in the Festival, and their students danced traditional dances from all over Greece, accompanied by live music. The event was part of the celebration of the 25-year history of the institution.