Panhellenic Results 2019

With their outstanding performance on the Panhellenic examinations, Pierce Seniors 2019 confirmed the methodicalness, diligence and dedication to their goals and demonstrated the systematic and comprehensive daily preparation in the classroom by their teachers. With their admission into institutions of higher education and, indeed, top schools, Pierce graduates have taken the first important step towards achieving their goals.

Of the 129 graduates of 2019 who completed their Application Form, 127 (98.5%) succeeded in being admitted into institutions of higher education.

Six out of 10 have been admitted into schools in Athens and Piraeus, which is an important factor at a time when the cost of studying in another city causes problems for many families.

Fifty-eight percent of those admitted succeeded in entering high-demand schools. More specifically:

  • 7 graduates have been admitted to Law schools (4 to Athens Law School and 3 to Law Schools outside of Athens),
  • 5 graduates have been admitted to Medical schools (2 to Athens Medical School, 3 to Medical Schools outside of Athens) and another 2 to Dentistry and Pharmacy Schools),
  • 27 graduates have been admitted to Polytechnic schools (8 to the National Technical University of Athens and the rest to Polytechnic Schools outside of Athens) and
  • 20 Pierce graduates will be studying in top Economics departments.

13.6% of this year’s candidates achieved over 18,000 points, a percentage that is nearly four times that of the corresponding Panhellenic average (3.6%). At the same time, 53.6% of the candidates achieved more than 15,000 points (corresponding Panhellenic average: 24%).

See the following link the points scale for each Subject Area.

Achievement of ‘excellence’ and ‘distinction’ are both a reward for our students’ efforts and make us, both teachers and the School Administration, particularly proud.

In the table below, see the percentage of ‘excellence’ achievements by subject, compared with the Panhellenic Average:

Through the following link you can see our students’ grades in all subjects in comparison with the Panhellenic Average for each separate subject.

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