Panhellenic Examinations – Announcements

Dear parents of the graduating class of 2017 and graduates of previous years,
On this page, all news and ministry circulars regarding the Panhellenic Examinations for entrance into Universities for the 2017 – 18 academic year are posted.

Entrance into Military Schools: See the Proclamation on entrance into the Military Schools for the 2017 – 18 academic year, as well as the Application – Declaration Form on the GEETHA website.

Panhellenic Examinations Program 2017: In a Press Release on March 13, the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion announced the Panhellenic Examinations Program 2017, as well as the number of students to be admitted (decision of March 7, 2017) for the 2017-18 academic year.

Information for candidates for the Panhellenic Examinations 2017: There are Ministry circulars regarding the subjects that are examined in the Panhellenic Examinations 2017.

Application – Candidate’s Declaration 2017:  The deadline for submission was on Friday, March 10th.

Electronic submission of preference forms for candidates with serious illnesses and are in the 5% category: There is a Ministry circular regarding the admission of candidates with serious illnesses (5% category).

Admission of Athletes into Tertiary Education for the 2016-17 academic year: There is a circular regarding the admission of distinguished athletes.

Entrance Examinations for School of Dramatic Arts and Entrance Examinations of “Talents”: There is an entry in the Official Government Gazette.

Demonstration of written Panhellenic Examinations: From September 1 – 30, candidates of this year’s Panhellenic Examinations can submit an application accompanied by an administration fee to receive photocopies of their written papers.

Registration of successful candidates in Tertiary Education: Pierce will provide the necessary support to all students that pass as far as their passwords are concerned and, once they have entered the application, there will be a detailed user’s manual to help them.

Study Guides for AEI-TEI – Parallel Studies at Deree:
  There is a study guide with a complete presentation of the possibilities offered to students at Greek public institutions of higher learning who wish to attend classes at Deree at the same time. The aim of this combination of disciplines is to earn a minor degree in fields of study that will broaden a student’s opportunities for professional success and access to postgraduate studies.

Candidates will be updated on all matters related to the Panhellenic examinations by the Pierce Lyceum Director. Relevant circulars will be posted on this website and emails will be sent. Informative material, circulars, etc. are also available on the Ministry of Education website.

We remind you that Pierce – The American College of Greece is equivalent to Greek public General Lycea and, therefore, no validation of diplomas issued is required.

Good luck, class of 2017!