Lyceum – Directors / Advisors

Lyceum Director George Vakerlis
IB DP Coordinator Emmanuel Vrontakis
Lyceum Deputy Director Michail Siamos
Lyceum Deputy Director Constantinos Abatzis
Lyceum Dean Stella Kosma
Lyceum Student Council Advisor Christos Kourtesakis
Lyceum Student Activities Advisor Ioannis Zacharias

Lyceum Magazine Advisors

Greek Magazine Advisor    Maria Lada
English Sunny Days Advisor    Sophia Dimopoulou

Lyceum Dean and Vice Deans

A significant factor in our effort to provide individualized assistance and guidance to our students is the Lyceum Dean. Since the 2015-16 school year, another position has been instituted to assist in the work of the Dean. There are now “Vice Deans,” who were established for the A’ and A’ grades of the Lyceum.

The Vice Deans are selected each year for one school year from among the Class Advisors for each of the above-mentioned grades, work with the Dean, class advisors and teachers, follow the progress of students, their absences and any behavior problems. The Vice Deans also take care of students’ safety and security throughout the School, advise students on matters that concern them and act to deter disciplinary problems and to prevent accidents.

For the school year 2020-21, the Vice Deans are:
Α΄ Lyceum: Antonios Michailidis and
Β΄ Lyceum: Fotios Kanellopoulos.

Lyceum Class Advisors 2020 – 21:

Each class has a Class Advisor. Beyond the formal responsibilities (recording absences, organizing excursions and events), the Class Advisor is the person that talks with students, supports them in various problems and inspires them with the values of education.

Α1: Ms. Chira
Α2: Ms. Spyropoulou
Α3: Ms. Tassopoulou
Α4: Mr. Stamatakis
Α5: Mr. Efthymiou
Α6: Ms. Lembesi
Α7: Ms. Palanta
Α8: Ms. Falouka
Α9: Mr. Zacharias
Α10: Mr. Michailidis

Β1: Mr. Kanellopoulos
Β2: Mr. Stamateris
Β3: Mr. Diamantis
Β4: Ms. Pitta
Β5: Mr. Gakis
Β6: Ms. Saliverou
Β7: Ms. Koutrouba
Β8: Mr. Kosmas
Β9: Ms. Mavrofryda

ΓΑ1: Ms. Chrimatopoulou
ΓΑ2: Mr. Vassilopoulos
ΓΘΥ1: Mr. Gkarbolas
ΓΘΥ2: Ms. Tsioufi
ΓΘΥ3: Mr. Kourtesakis
ΓΘΥ4: Mr. Drakopoulos
ΓΘΥ5: Mr. Bousios
ΓΘΥ6: Mr. Parisis
ΓΟΠ1: Ms. Psaltidou
ΓΟΠ2: Mr. Katsochristos
ΓΟΠ3: Mr. Kechagias
ΓΟΠ4: Ms. Lada

IB1: Ms. Kanta, Ms. Foteinopoulou
ΙΒ2: Mr. Soulas, Ms. Salliari