International University Counseling

The International University Counseling Office provides support to Pierce students and consults them on the application process to universities abroad. Its aim is to offer our students tailor made guidance whilst researching and applying to international universities.

Once the students settle on their choices and decide to begin the application process, our counselors provide a step by step action plan that allows them to clarify their tasks, fill the applications and write their statements in order to complete the application process. Furthermore, throughout the academic year informative presentations are held to both students, parents and guardians as well as international university visits that help our students research and select the appropriate academic program. Simultaneously, workshops offer students the opportunity to learn how to complete their applications.

The International University Counseling Office aims to ensure that Pierce students are given all the necessary tools that will enable them to embark on their academic journey in higher education with success.

The Pierce Studies Abroad Program:

US College Counseling OfficeMaria Mytilinaki Kennedy, PhD, Director,

International Universities OfficeXenia Kalliora and Rena Tzanos, Senior Counselors,