Phillips Exeter Academy

The Pierce Administration and faculty take particular pride in preparing and supporting our students in developing their skills and exploring their special talents both in academics but also in their broader personal potential.

It is in this spirit that every year we select five students to attend the Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) Summer School Program in New Hampshire, USA on full scholarship, thanks to the generous donation of the member of the Board of Trustees of the American College of Greece, Mr. Spiros Bouas.  The scholarship includes all registration fees for academic courses and campus events, accommodation, airfare and books.

This year, the Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) Summer School Program is celebrating its 100th year and the course of studies for participants will last from July 1 to August 3, 2018. All A and B Lyceum and IB1 students were informed about the framework and the stages of the selection process. The students learned about the experience of studying at the PEA Summer School from Pierce students that have already taken part in the program. Then, students interested in taking part in the selection process for the five scholarships will have to submit:

  • a Personal Statement
  • a Student Profile (to be found at Ms Petropoulou’s page on Blackboard)

There will then be an evaluation of the above-mentioned documents and the selection of the candidates who will be invited to an interview before a five-member Committee. The Committee will evaluate each candidate in the areas of maturity, self-confidence, responsibility, creativity, interest and interaction with his/her classmates and will select the students who will be recommended to Phillips Exeter Academy, based on the following criteria:

  • Level of fluency in the English language
  • Academic aptitude to meet the demands of the program
  • Conduct and behavior in school
  • Participation and distinctions in a variety of in-school and extracurricular activities
  • Taking on of roles and positions of responsibility
  • Potential for gaining useful experience for the future
  • Preparation for the selection of courses
  • Adaptability to new surroundings and activities
  • Ability to respond to and participate in demanding activities
  • Financial data (based on any financial assistance the family may receive)

At the end of the process, all candidates will be provided with feedback on their performance and areas for improvement will be suggested. The process contributes to the development of many valuable skills which are beneficial to candidates in both their academic and professional careers:

  • Working to specific deadlines
  • Being responsible for submitting required documents
  • Writing their first Personal Statement, with guidance
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Being interviewed by an interdisciplinary Committee, including members of the Administration and Educators

Upon completion of the process, the Committee will inform the donor and send the names of the selected students to the PEA Summer School Program. Please note that selection by Pierce for participation in the PEA Summer School Program does not guarantee acceptance to the Summer School program, as the final decision on acceptance is the sole responsibility of officials of the PEA Summer School Program.

For more information, please contact Ms Mary Petropoulou, tel. 210 6009 800, ext. 1138. You can also visit:

Phillips Exeter Academy, which was founded in 1871, is an internationally recognized and distinguished private school that prepares students for the top universities and colleges in the US. Among its graduates are the authors John Irving and Dan brown, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and others. In this exceptional educational environment, the scholarship recipients represent their school and have an unforgettable experience. They attend three exciting classes of their choice, enrich their knowledge in very interesting fields, and develop their critical thinking skills through the Harkness method. The difference in this method – which is based on the Socratic concept of dialogue – is that it approaches by placing the student at the center of the learning process, encouraging him/her to ask questions and to share his/her ideas in an environment of reflections, research, collaboration and dialogue and promotes the active participation of students in the learning process, which is accomplished through constructive discussion and cooperation.

Our students return full of joy and gratitude and, according to what they say, this educational experience changes their lives. The students live in dormitories, one of the most valuable experiences at Exeter. They develop bonds with their peers from many different countries and with different interests and thus are prepared for the living conditions of their university years. Participants also have the opportunity to take part in very demanding team sports, such as water polo and squash and also to take part in music classes and debate clubs.

During the program, the students are not limited to classroom teaching but also take part in a variety of social activities, organized on and off the Academy campus, truly living the experience of studying in the US. They visit important sights and museum in the greater region (the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the New England Aquarium, Quincy Market, colleges in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts).

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