Educational exchanges

Educational, intercultural exchanges between Pierce students and their peers from schools abroad are a basic characteristic of the School’s philosophy and contribute to our students’ educational experience. Our students travel to other countries, are offered accommodation by the families of the host school’s students, get to know new places and, for a few days, experience other ways of life. Then, the same students host peers from schools abroad in their homes, they show them around Greece and give true meaning to the word ‘friendship.’ Together, the participants share an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Visit from Scandinavian School: Copenhagen Open High School, Denmark:
A delegation of students from the Copenhagen Open High School of Denmark visited the Pierce IB DP on March 28, 2019, got to know our students and toured the school’s facilities. The 15 students (aged 17 to 19) and the 2 teacher-escorts were welcomed by IB1 students of the 15-member Student Council, along with a group of students from a Modern Greek class, who were also their hosts. In a classroom in the IB DP wing, they all attended and participated in a Modern Greek Literature class, taught in the English language by Teachers Ms. E. Kantzia and Ms. M. Lady. The students conversed, took photographs, exchanged experiences and social networking accounts and walked around the campus (classrooms, labs, playing fields).

Student delegations from the St. Catherine’s School from Virginia in the United States of America and the Koege School of Denmark visited Pierce on March 2nd and 7th, 2017, respectively, got to know our students and were offered a guided tour of our campus. The 18 students from the USA and the 25 from Denmark (aged 17 and 18) and their accompanying teachers were welcomed by the students of G6 Gymnasium, Α6 and GO3 Lyceum, who were also their hosts. In the Pierce Amphitheater, the students from the USA attended a Mathematics class in the English language, which is included in the syllabus in both countries for the senior year of high school. The students from Denmark attended a Biology class in the English language, which is also included in the syllabus of both countries in the 12th Grade.