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From Pierce classrooms and basketball courts to MIT, on an athletic scholarship!

Giannis Chatziveroglou, graduate of Pierce 2018, an excellent student and basketball player (guard-forward) with Panathinaikos and the National Team, will be a student with an athletics scholarship at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), working towards a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics.

In a few days, Giannis will be beginning his university career at a top university in the USA, one of the largest, most important and well-known universities in the world, having passed his examinations, and will now be studying Computer Science and Mathematics, while playing basketball with the MIT team at the same time.

Giannis describes his experience of studying at Pierce:

“If I weren’t at Pierce right now, someone would ask me what MIT was and I wouldn’t know how to reply. I’ve been studying at Pierce since A Gymnasium and I believe that it has played the most important role in everything that has happened to me up to now. Like when a baby grows up it receives certain stimuli from its parents and then, as a child, it forms its own personality, Pierce has formed my character since I entered A Gymnasium.  Pierce provided me with all the essential messages, the support I needed (teachers and facilities) and also the right way of thinking, that of a young student, who is looking for every opportunity to improve him/herself, to learn more and not to settle for just good, but always to want the best.”

You can read Gianni’s Interview in Kathimerini,  about Giannis’s reception at MIT on the MIT website and in  Athens Voice.

Congratulations Gianni. May you always be first in your studies and in basketball!