Career Counseling

Career Counseling and Labor Market Counseling Program

The Career Counseling and Labor Market Counseling Program is designed for all Lyceum students.  The main focus is the development and enhancement of the student’s individual potential, taking into consideration personal data, talents, skills, interests and other special traits. This individualized and comprehensive approach for each child is what makes the difference in this particular Counseling service. All of a student’s particular traits are utilized to find, first of all, the most appropriate combination of personal characteristics and requirements of an academic environment for higher studies, and then with the “culture” and conditions of work, career and areas of specialization.  The job market is analyzed in terms of conditions in the global economy and, more specifically, those that will dominate when the student is ready to enter it. It is not restricted to the narrow limits of the national market, nor does it exclude these possibilities. Therefore, each student is offered continuous guidance throughout his or her student life, formulating his or her own personal “career path.” In this process, alternative “routes” are explored to ensure a confident choice for a successful future.

The implementation of the Career Counseling Service is based on a well-organized schedule of individual meetings with students. In addition, discussions with parents take place throughout the school year as well as students move from one grade to the next and focus on informing and advising them on developing their child’s potential and interests or on their overall school performance. Our goal is to indicate not only the direction of studies and alternative “career paths” but also to seek the personal traits that suit particular professional fields and work environments.

The method that is implemented is highly specialized at the individual level and focuses on each student with a multi-dimensional approach. It takes into consideration a student’s way of thinking and mental processing, e.g. deductive, analytic, synthetic, algorithmic, etc. During the process, all additional data that emerge and are assessed through prompt tests and targeted discussions lead to the formation of a comprehensive profile, based on which study and work options are developed. The students of A Lyceum complete their self-assessment in terms of their strengths and weaknesses and move on to the exploration of the academic fields of study and how these vary according to areas of specialization. Particularly for those aiming for Greek Institutions of Higher Learning, at this stage students are advised as to their “direction “ and often the fields of specialization, as set in a circular from the Ministry of Education.  For students of B and C Lyceum, there is now a thorough discussion as to the connection between undergraduate and graduate studies with the specific labor market in the form that they will be dealing with when they are ready to enter it.

Upon completion of the Career Counseling and Labor Market Counseling Service process, a Pierce student is in a position to know him/herself, with comprehensive understanding of his or her strengths and weaknesses, skills and interests, as well as every aspect of his or her potential. What emerges is an objective and realistic understanding of the content of their studies, as well as the potential for personal growth in professional fields. The focus then is on strengthening personal incentives so that each student can set goals that are realistic and will therefore be helped in a practical way in terms of school performance.

For further information, please contact the program counselor, Ms. Anna Orologa by email: [email protected] or by telephone: 210 6009800, ext. 1183.