Physical Education Department

Physical Education and Athletics at Pierce are based on the value expressed in the ancient saying “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” Our goal is our students’ harmonious and balanced mental and psychosomatic development. Specifically, Physical Education class at Pierce aims at:

Proper development of the body and of kinetic behavior
Cultivation of social and mental virtues, such as cooperation, team spirit, responsibility, persistence, courage and discipline
Development of self-esteem through participation in athletic activities
Systematic information sessions on good dietary habits

All of this contribute to the creation of multifaceted and healthy personalities, built on a foundation of the timeless values of athleticism, such as meritocracy, respect for one’s opponent, fair play, modesty and self-discipline.

Department Head: Panagiotis Kehagias


  1. Sotirios Aivaliotis
  2. Konstantinos Zafeiropoulos
  3. Konstantinos Iliopoulos
  4. Panagiotis Kehagias
  5. Konstantinos Koloveros
  6. Panagiotis Kostopoulos
  7. Zoe Mavrofryda
  8. Vasiliki Tassopoulou
  9. Aikaterini Tsioufi
  10. Aikaterini Falouka