Natural Sciences Department

The Pierce Natural Sciences department has experiences teachers who, with their profound knowledge of their subject and ongoing professional development, aim not only to develop students’ knowledge but also to cultivate their skills and to form a responsible attitude toward critical everyday issues.

To this end, we use a variety of methods, such as demonstration experiments by teachers, laboratory exercises by the students themselves, specialized software as well as computer simulations in our fully equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs.

Where necessary, handbooks are provided that contain written notes on theory, methodology, exercises with solutions, original problems or Panhellenic examination problems for the G Lyceum. On our electronic platform Blackboard our students can find these handbooks, as well as simulations of experiments, related videos and suggestions of websites that are relevant to the subject they are studying.

Every year we encourage students to take part in competitions organized by various educational organizations. The experience they gain is a valuable qualification for the rest of their lives.

With great pleasure we have seen our students’ eagerness to join the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Clubs through which they creatively cultivate their interests and skills.

Department Head: Theodosios Drakopoulos
Assistant Head: Stefanos Bousios


  1. Konstantinos Abatzis
  2. George Vakerlis
  3. Daphne Vlachantoni
  4. Anastasia Gialaraki
  5. Christos Dimou
  6. Theodosios Drakopoulos
  7. George Efthymiou
  8. Margarita Zonga
  9. Styliani Kosma
  10. Christos Kourtesakis
  11. Charoula Lamprianaki
  12. Demetrios Limnios
  13. Antonios Michailidis
  14. Stefanos Bousios
  15. Eleni Ntomari
  16. Eleftheria Petalidou
  17. Kalliope Salpea
  18. Panagiota Spyropoulou
  19. Vasileios Stamatakis
  20. Angelis Triantafyllou
  21. Charilaos Tsagkarakis
  22. Lampros Tsiouris
  23. Konstantinos Haniotis