Mathematics Department

The College’s Mathematics Department:
•    Meets on a regular (weekly) basis.
•    Monitors the progress of teaching material, according to the Analytical Program of Studies set by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion.
•    Has an organized databank of exercises and tests, which is constantly updated.
•    Collaborates with all the Academic Departments of the College and with all educational agencies.

  • Provides organized handouts covering exercises and theory with the aim of deepening students’ understanding of the material through extra practice, and giving students the motivation to learn.
  • Utilizes computers and the Internet, with the appropriate software and audiovisual material, through:    Computer labs
  • the digital platform BlackBoard
  • andSmart Classrooms
  • Organizes talks in the Theater on the historical course of Mathematics, the biographies of important mathematics personalities, as well as the relationship with Mathematics and other disciplines.

•    Is responsible for the Mathematics Clubs, in which, among others, students:
•    are informed about contemporary fields of research in the discipline
•    are informed about the conduct of, and their possible participation in, Panhellenic Competitions.
•    learn about educational Mathematics software
•    in addition, are given handouts with Mathematics terminology in English so that they achieve greater facility in reading and using the foreign bibliography, which is particularly important for their later scientific and academic progress
•    Is responsible for the After-School Mathematics Clubs, whose exclusive purpose is to prepare students for the Panhellenic Exams of the Greek Mathematics Society.

Department Head: Dimitrios Misyrlis
Assistant Head: Christos Diamantis

Mathematics Teachers:

  1. Vasiliki Amblianiti
  2. Emmanuel Vrontakis
  3. Dimitrios Georgantidis
  4. Konstantinos Garbolas
  5. Emmanuela Dimitroulaki
  6. Christos Diamantis
  7. Ioannis Zacharias
  8. Fotios Kanellopoulos
  9. Spyridoula Kanta
  10. Ioannis Kladas
  11. Varvara Mamida
  12. Vasileios Melas
  13. Dimitrios Misyrlis
  14. Georgia Michalopoulou
  15. Dimitrios – Konstantinos Papaioannou – Kostidis
  16. Georgios Pinotsis
  17. Dimitrios Protopapas
  18. Evangelos Tourountous