English Language Department


The English language is a tool for life and learning it means acquiring multiple skills on many levels, making it an invaluable qualification for our students’ future. As with every language, apart from learning grammar and vocabulary, students also learn a new way of thinking and perception of the world.


Studying at our school is, by definition, certification of excellent knowledge of the English language. However, because we know that the acquisition of diplomas is a serious matter for our students’ subsequent professional careers, the teachers of the English Department prepare students for these diplomas when the students are judged to be ready to acquire them.

New Curriculum

At the beginning of their studies at our school, but also at the end of each academic year, each student is placed in an English class according to his/her performance during the school year, always bearing in mind what is best for the progress of each student

Since the 2013-14 school year, we have introduced a new collection of teaching books which we consider to be in line with the philosophy described above. The new books have been selected following a great deal of thought and research by an English Department committee. In the selection process, we have taken into consideration, among other things, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which defines the levels of competence on a European level. You can find further information on the Framework at this link: http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/linguistic/Cadre1_en.asp


Department Head: Evangelia Alexopoulou
Assistant Head: Konstantinos Tatsis

  1. Chrysanthi Agrafioti
  2. Evangelia Alexopoulou
  3. Vasiliki Alexopoulou
  4. Chryssoula Babouris – Smith
  5. Christina Chryssaki
  6. Iakovos Delatolas – Saveris
  7. Sophia Dimopoulou
  8. Eleni Florou
  9. Vasiliki Giannopoulou
  10. Gisela Iosif
  11. Efthymia Karava
  12. Elpida Karmali
  13. Christina Katsouli
  14. Anna Maria Konstantaki – Burke
  15. Aspasia Krintira
  16. Georgia Maniatis
  17. Marilena Maniati
  18. Veraliza Miliaresi
  19. Evangelia Niadas
  20. Evangelos Pavlou
  21. Maria Petropoulou
  22. Zinovia Pissari
  23. Foteini Samata
  24. Nikoleta Sarantopoulou
  25. Styliani Stasinos
  26. Konstantinos Tatsis
  27. Christina Tziva
  28. Christina Varveri
  29. Evangelia Vlachogianni

Highlights – Activities

Race for the Cure 2017
Shakespeare visits Pierce 2016
Jane Austen Festival

Skype call with students of the Clevendon School (Bristol, England)

On Thursday, March 9, 31 students from two Pierce A Lyceum English classes, along with their teachers Ms. Aspasia Krintira and Ms. Vasiliki Sioziou, had the opportunity to speak via Skype with their peers at the Clevendon School of Bristol, in England.

The initial communication had taken place at the beginning of the school year via the website e-Twinning, through which the students exchanged information about their everyday activities and their interests, the Christmas and New Year traditions of each country. Then they created a video presentation of each school. Next, there was communication via Skype. The topics they discussed were student life and the personal interests of the students of both countries.

The conversation ended with a promise to write an article for an e-magazine which they will create and post on their e-twinning page. There was great excitement on both sides as the students said goodbye to their friends. Having the best impressions, they set the date for their meeting in April during the educational trip to England.

Skype call with a school in the United States

On Thursday, December 4, eighteen students of a Pierce G Gymnasium English class  communicated via Skype with their peers at the Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, New Jersey in the USA.

The initial communication had taken place earlier through an exchange of letters, and the electronic communication came next. Each Pierce student got to know his “penpal” by discussing school topics and even taught him/her a few Greek words and phrases. There was great excitement on both sides and, despite the fact that the bell was ringing, nobody wanted the conversation to end. The students said goodbye to their friends and were left with the best impressions of their communication with students on the other side of the world.

Greece Race for the Cure 2014!

Just like every year for the past five years, Pierce Raced for the Cure on 28 September, 2014! Only this time quite a few things were different!

First of all, this year Pierce undertook the registration of all our students and friends, helping the Deree ambassadors to set a new record of participation! Over a period of one week, eight volunteers from both Gymnasium and Lyceum, registered students, faculty and families reaching our best number so far of 140 participants and donating 730 euros to Alma Zois! This way we helped the ACG Cares team win first place among all educational institutions in Race for the Cure 2014, registering 315 people in total!

Secondly, this year quite a few of the students and faculty decided to run rather than walk for the Cure!  As a matter of fact, Orestis Kotsaftis from B’ Lyceum was one of the first five runners to finish the 5-kilometre race!

But what is most important is that even more of us were there this year! In families, once again, Pierce students and faculty stood in front of the Zappeio Megaro, in our city’s National Garden which was swarming with people (over 17000 participants!), to honour all the women who have fought or are still fighting their battle against cancer. In closing, we would like to say that this year’s run was dedicated in memory of Vivi Natsi-Papanikola, one of Pierce’s mothers.

Day of European Languages – Pierce Competition

As has successfully been happening for the past three years, the English Department is organising the fourth Day of European Languages Competition! The event will take place during lunch break on Friday, 26th of September, in the school cafeteria! All you need is a pen and your imagination! Don’t forget! There’s always a surprise prize for the winner!

“Have a Heart!”

It all started with a chat in the English Dept. on a Tuesday afternoon. One idea led to another and before we knew it, English teachers were frantically cutting out paper hearts for the “Have a Heart Campaign!

Between the 10th and the 14th of February, with the assistance of Mr. Abatzis and his volunteers as well as the support of the two Student Councils, 899 hearts were sold at €0.50 each and €449.50 was collected to buy a laptop for the children at Aglaia Kyriakou, Paidon Hospital.

The culmination of the ‘Have a Heart Campaign’ was on Friday, 14th of February, at lunchtime, when the Science Dept. set up an impressive mini-exhibition of the human heart and its operation, created by students, while the Anti-Smoking Club rocked us throughout the break with lovely love songs!

On Wednesday, March 19th, nine students from the Gymnasium Student Government and the Anti-Smoking Club, along with three faculty members visited the Oncology Ward of Aglaia Kyriakou, Paidon Hospital, to donate the laptop as well as to spend a couple of hours with the children there. One guitar and a keyboard coupled with the enthusiasm of our students and the children at the hospital were enough to turn our little visit into a spontaneous little ‘party’! We all left feeling quite fulfilled from the entire experience while our students asked and found out how they could continue to help through their volunteering.

Well done Pierce!