Department of Computer Science & Technology, Economic & Social Sciences

The faculty of the Computer Science & Technology, Economics & Social Sciences Department of Pierce-The American College of Greece aims to provide Pierce students with computer and technology education as well as education in economic and social sciences. These four fields play a role and will continue to play a role in multiple ways both in our students’ school life and in their adult life in the future.

Overall, with a combination that includes:

a) classes included in the official schedule in the subjects of Computer Science, Technology, Economics and the Social Sciences,
b) additional activities offered to students through clubs and academies and through activities designed by teachers and implemented with the substantial involvement of students,

the latter gain knowledge, develop skills and attitudes through a holistic educational process.

All of the above are reinforced to a great degree by Pierce infrastructure, in which three Computer Labs and a Construction Workshop operate. These labs and workshops are fully equipped with material and essential educational software.

In addition, the teachers of this academic department develop and offer students extra digital educational material, which is developed collaboratively. At the same time, our teachers encourage in a variety of ways student participation in national and international competitions and activities aimed at enhancing their scientific curiosity, satisfaction and enthusiasm.

With the proper preparation and thanks to the high level of teaching, our students have had significant successes in recent years both in Greece and abroad.

Department Head: Fotios Katsochristos

Computer Science Teachers:

  1. Panagiotis Chasapogiannis
  2. Georgios Dres
  3. Athanasios Drivas
  4. Stylianos Katsoulis
  5. Fotios Katsochristos
  6. Ioanna Pylioti
  7. Athena Stavraki
  8. Maria Stivaktaki
  9. Alexandra Psaltidou

Technology Teachers:

  1. Dionysios Adamakopoulos
  2. Stylianos Katsoulis
  3. Pavlos Ladias
  4. Louisa Stathopoulou

Economics Teachers:

  1. Michael Theodosopoulos
  2. Elias Minas
  3. George Papachristou
  4. Panagiotis Sfyris

Social Sciences Teachers:

  1. Eleni Sarri

Home Economics Teachers:

  1. Chrysoula Koutsothanassi
  2. Georgia Panagiotakopoulou