Aims – Objectives

Having acquired the right skills in the Gymnasium, students enter the Lyceum and a new way of thinking and approaching knowledge. In class, with the guidance of their teachers, students learn to think critically, to argue logically, to do research and to delve more deeply into the academic subjects.

Particular emphasis is given to the English language, with many teaching hours included in the weekly schedule (6 hours for A Lyceum, 6 hours for B and 2 hours for C). Pierce’s highly-qualified teachers implement advanced teaching methods for the English language. Students are placed in small classes according to their level of knowledge. The program also includes elective classes. The fully equipped MEDIA CENTER contributes significantly to effective teaching  and makes the learning of foreign languages easier.

In the context of our preparing our students very well for admission into higher education, there are small “streamed” classes with experienced teachers. Our excellent results on the Panhellenic exams validate the methodical and systematic organization of this teaching.

The school program is enriched with educational visits that provide students with the opportunity, along with the learning process in the classroom, to have essential contact with the arts (museums, archeological sites, galleries),  production (factories, businesses), the Mass Media (newspapers, magazines, television stations) as well as the main institutions (Parliament, courts).

The cultivation of a more profound education in our students is also accelerated by participation in a variety of events (musical, theatrical, athletic) as well as in international and Greek programs.

All of the above prepare students to become active and responsible citizens with cultivated and multi-faceted personalities.