Music Scholarships


Apart from academic programs, Pierce’s 148-year-old educational legacy includes numerous artistic activities, with particular emphasis on the development of the talents and abilities of its students. The activities of the College’s musical ensembles are an important part of this, giving special enrichment and variety to the musical life of the school community.

By announcing two music scholarships, Pierce is seeking two excellent music students that will support and enrich our musical community while, at the same time, they will enjoy the educational experience of studying at the College. Pierce will offer these scholarships every year to students with special skills, according to the needs of the school’s musical ensembles. The scholarship recipients will have the obligation to take part in one or more of the school’s musical ensembles as well as in other musical activities.


The two scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year will be offered for the following music instruments:

For A, B or C Gymnasium students:

  • Trumpet
  • French Horn
  • Oboe

For A or B Gymnasium students:

  • Violin

The scholarships amount to 50% of tuition fees. Candidates will have to be at the highest level of the Lower (B’ or C’ lower, depending on the instrument) or higher. Candidates who do not follow the Odeon system but are at a corresponding musical level can also apply. The final selection will be made following an audition, in which Pierce and Deree music teachers will participate. Knowledge of a second instrument and a candidate’s experience in some musical ensemble will be considered an asset.

Criteria for Maintaining the Scholarship

To maintain the scholarship, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Academic performance over 17/20 and excellent school behavior
  • Punctuality, interest, good collaboration and systematic effort
  • Participation in all musical events of Pierce, either in or out of school
  • Participation in morning and afternoon Orchestra Clubs for the first two scholarship years, and after the second year participation only in the afternoon Orchestra Club


In order to apply, candidates will have to:

  1. Fulfill the admissions requirements for Pierce – The American College of Greece,
  2. Complete the Music Scholarship Application.
  3. Prepare a Video in which they play a short solo piece, 3-5 minutes in length. The recording will have to be with a Smartphone or other sound and image recording device, in a quiet place and with the best possible sound and image quality. In the video candidates will have to state their name and the piece they are going to perform.
  4. Submit a brief CV of their musical activities (if there is not enough space on the application form, this can be written as a separate text).
  5. Submit Certificates or Diplomas from Odeons or other agencies that can certify their level (e.g. a copy of their odeon booklet, an ABRSM certificate or other document).


Candidates that are selected for the final stage will present at Pierce the piece they recorded, as well as another short piece, live. In this final phase, candidates will be invited to a short, personal interview with the committee. The final allocation of scholarships will be concluded before the deadline for new students’ registration.

The application form, along with the supporting documents, can be sent by post to the school (Pierce – The American College of Greece, 6 Gravias St., 153 42, Agia Paraskevi) marked “For the Music Scholarships” or by email at until April 12, 2024.

For further information about music scholarships, please contact Ms. Christina Laskari, tel. 211 107 6800, ext. 4161, email: