Academic Scholarships

Students of A’ Gymnasium who take part in the entrance examination in English have the option of being examined, on the same day, in the Greek language and in 6th grade Mathematics. The two candidates with the highest score in those two courses will receive a full scholarship (100% of tuition fees for A’ Gymnasium) and another 33 candidates, with the next highest rankings, will receive partial scholarships (discount on tuition fees of 50%, 35% and 25% discount on tuition fees, according to their scores). Scholarships are not transferable to students with lower scores.

A Lyceum candidate students – who take part in the English entrance exams – have the option of being examined, on the same day, on the knowledge they acquired in the subjects of Modern Greek and Mathematics during their Gymnasium studies.  In Modern Greek students will respond to reading comprehension and language production questions. In Mathematics the examination will include comprehension and problem-solving, closed-type questions and/or justification and mathematical thinking. Each of the subjects will be graded on the basis of 100. The two candidates with the highest grades (sum of grades in English, Modern Greek and Mathematics) will receive full scholarships (100% of tuition fees), on the condition that their grades are over 90/100 in each subject and on the English entrance exam. One candidate, with the next highest score, will receive a partial scholarship (50% of tuition fees)


The Application for Admission that you are asked to complete so that your child can take part in the entrance examinations (for A Gymnasium or A Lyceum) gives him/her the potential to take part in the test for academic scholarships as well. Therefore, there is no separate application form for these scholarships.

Criteria for Maintaining Scholarship:

To maintain the scholarship, the following conditions must be met: Excellent performance (Grade Point Average over 18/20 each school year) and excellent school behavior.