Entrance Examinations

For 2024-25 school year A’ Gymnasium will welcome 170 new students at our East Campus, the new premises of Pierce – The American College of Grece in Spata.

Entrance examinations at Pierce take place every year in the spring and are addressed to students who want to study in A Gymnasium. Entrance examinations are also conducted for the interim Gymnasium and Lyceum classes. The number of students admitted is determined by the number of available spaces. Please note that students are not admitted to C Lyceum.

Students are examined in three subjects: English Language (length of exam: 60 minutes) and Modern Greek & Mathematics (length of exam for both units: 90 minutes). Students’ written tests are graded separately for each of the three subjects examined on the basis of 100 (excellent). The final score of each candidate consists of the sum of his/her grade in the English Language (40%), in Modern Greek (30%) and in Mathematics (also 30%).

Example: Candidate who received scores:

  • English Language: 82/100
  • Modern Greek: 65/100
  • Mathematics: 78/100

has a final score of (82×0.4) + (65×0.3) + 78×0.3), or 75.7/100.

Candidates who have the highest scores in order of success and depending on the number of available spaces are admitted to the school.

Please note that scores on entrance examinations of all class levels are not announced. Submission of an objection to the results is not possible.

In the following links you can find information about the examination syllabus, sample tests, the online application for candidate admission (submission deadline Friday, April 12 2024) as well as tuition and other fees.

Examinations for the 2024-25 Academic Year

The examinations took place as follows:

A Gymnasium entrance examinations for 170 students (in English, Modern Greek & Mathematics)
Sunday, April 14 2024 (10:00 – 13:30)

B, C Gymnasium and A, B Lyceum entrance examinations (in English, Modern Greek & Mathematics)
Saturday, April 13 2024 (10:00 – 13:30)

Parents of students facing some kind of learning difficulty, certified by a public agency, are asked to send the relevant certification by Monday, April 8 2024 to claskari@acg.edu.

On the day of the examinations, authentication of candidates’ identity will be carried out, using ID card or passport or identification certification (issued by the Police, Municipality or Citizens Service Center – KEP).

To complete the process for your child’s participation in the written examinations, please deposit €60 (non refundable) through the National Bank of Greece.

Bank: National Bank Of Greece
Account Number: 180/480067-22
IBAN: GR6001101800000018048006722

In the “REASON FOR TRANSACTION” area, please give the first and last name of the candidate as well as the father’s name.

Please send us the payment receipt by email at the address studentaccounts@acg.edu.

Office of Admissions, Ms. Christina Laskari, tel. 211 107 6800, ext. 4161
Email: claskari@acg.edu