Pierce IB DP Curriculum

The Pierce IB DP Curriculum offers the following course selections in the six subject groups:

Studies in Language and Literature
Modern Greek – Literature A (HL / SL)
English – Language and Literature A (HL / SL)

Language Acquisition
English – Language B (HL / SL)

Individuals and Societies
History (HL / SL)
Economics (HL / SL)
Psychology (HL / SL)
Business and Management (HL / SL)

Biology (HL / SL)
Chemistry (HL / SL)
Physics (HL / SL)
Computer Science (HL / SL)

Analysis and Approaches (HL/SL)
Applications and Interpretation (HL/SL)

The Arts
Visual Arts (HL / SL)
Theatre (HL / SL)

Course selection is subject to the academic guidance of the Pierce University Counselor and the final approval of the IB DP Coordinator. Course selection will be finalized by the end of 10th grade (A’ Lyceum) each year.

Course selection is prioritized to ensure that every student can fulfill entry requirements at the most challenging universities so that students are competitive at the highest level and selective of less competitive schools whose course standards are more flexible.