Gymnasium – Directors / Advisors

Gymnasium Director
 Ioannis Kladas
Deputy Director
 Stamatia Mavrikou
Deputy Director  Eleni Dimou
Deputy Director  Maria Korda
Gymnasium Dean  Constantinos Iliopoulos
Director, Culture and Outreach  Yannos Tsatalis
Gymnasium Student Government Advisor  Zoe Mavrofryda
Gymnasium Student Activities Advisor  Christina Koronaiou

School Publications

The Advisors for publications are responsible for the publication of the “Sunny Days” and “Φωτεινές Ημέρες” magazines with students’ creative written work and projects. For the current school year, the Advisors for publications are:

Greek Magazine Advisor  Ioannis Kosmas
English Sunny Days Advisor  Vassiliki Giannopoulou

Gymnasium Dean and Vice Deans

A significant factor in our effort to provide individualized assistance and guidance to our students is the Gymnasium Dean. Since the 2015-16 school year, another position has been instituted to assist in the work of the Dean. There are now “Vice Deans,” for all Gymnasium grades.

The Vice Deans are selected each year for one school year from among the Class Advisors for each of the above-mentioned grades, work with the Dean, class advisors and teachers, follow the progress of students, their absences and any behavior problems. The Vice Deans also take care of students’ safety and security throughout the School, advise students on matters that concern them and act to deter disciplinary problems and to prevent accidents.

For this year the Vice Deans are:
Α’ Gymnasium: Florentia Pikoula
Β’ Gymnasium: Maria Michailidou and
C’ Gymnasium: Aggelis Triantafyllou

Gymnasium Class Advisors

Each class has a Class Advisor. The Class Advisor is a very important part of the school procedure at the College. The class’s behavior, the function of the group, and sometimes even the progress of the students depends, to a large degree, on the contribution of the Advisor. Every student community is a small, organized society, which has to prepare its members for adult society, to teach proper behavior (rights and obligations), as well as respect for the personality of others.

The Class Advisor is the person who will help students become familiar with the democratic process, will give them reliable information, will teach respect for the rules of school life (and therefore respect for others), will encourage students to take the initiative, and will cultivate students’ skills and guide them in organizing their work so as to prevent anxiety and a superficial approach to their work.

The Class Advisor’s role is to guide students, but it is also to be the link between the class and the Directors of the School and parents. To achieve these goals, it is essential that the Class Advisor have an excellent relationship with the group. Relying on sincere desire for cooperation and dialogue with students, the Class Advisor gains their trust and can intervene in the best possible way, when necessary, in every school procedure, thus creating and maintaining the right atmosphere in which the goals described above can be achieved.

Class Advisors for the 2023 – 24 school year:

A1: Ms. Xenou
A2: Ms. Chira
A3: Ms. Michalopoulou
A4: Ms. Galanopoulou
A5: Ms. Pikoula
A6: Ms. Barabouti
A7: Ms. Panagiotakopoulou
A8: Ms. Panagiotopoulou
A9: Ms. Koutsothanasi
A10: Mr. Papaioannou

B1: Mr. Aivaliotis
B2: Ms. Michailidou
B3: Ms. Koronaiou
B4: Ms. Despi
B5: Ms. Mitrotoli
B6: Ms. Chatzigianni
B7: Ms. Kapralou
B8: Ms. Mamida
B9: Ms. Kechagioglou
B10: Ms. Filippa

C1: Ms. Stamatakou
C2: Mr. Diamantis
C3: Mr. Tsiouris
C4: Ms. Panagopoulou
C5: Ms. Zikidou
C6: Mr. Triantafillou
C7: Mr. Ballos
C8: Mr. Dimou Ch.
C9: Mr. Hatzinakis
C10: Ms. Mavrofryda