Greek Philology Department

Pierce has a long history in the field of philological studies and, more generally, in the humanities. In teaching the subjects included in this field, the philologues of our school aim both to cultivate the intellect and to fully develop our students’ personalities.

With ongoing professional development and in cooperation with relevant school advisors and specialists, up-to-date planning, as well as their love and passion for teaching, they offer the highest quality services. They use classical and modern teaching methods and run Clubs of philological interest aimed at the further development of our students’ skills

The Philology Department organizes and presents tributes to Greek writers, always in collaboration with Gymnasium and Lyceum students. Over the last few years, they have presented the following tributes: K. P. Kavafis, N. Kavvadias, N. Gatsos, N. Kazantzakis. In March 2017, there was a tribute to Women in Literature.

Department Head: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos
Assistant Head: Athina Hadzigianni
Assistant Head: Harikleia Lembesi


  1. Angeliki Atsali
  2. Panagiotis Vasilopoulos
  3. Konstantinos Gakis
  4. Maria Galanopoulou
  5. Georgia Giannakopoulou
  6. Ioli – Olga Despi
  7. Eleni Dimou
  8. Harikleia – Anna Kakatsou
  9. Emmanuela Kantzia
  10. Angeliki Kehagia
  11. Maria Korda
  12. Christina Koronaiou
  13. Ioannis Kosmas
  14. Kleio Koutrouba
  15. Evangelia Koutsokera
  16. Ioulia Kyriakou
  17. Maria Lada
  18. Harikleia Lembesi
  19. Zoe Livanou
  20. Eleni Mitsoula
  21. Sofia Mourouti
  22. Ifigeneia Bonatou
  23. Anna – Despoina Xenou
  24. Athina Panagiotopoulou
  25. Evanthia Papacosta
  26. Ioannis Parisis
  27. Athina Pitta
  28. Marina Pothitou
  29. Panagiotis Polydoropoulos
  30. Iouliani Saliverou
  31. Michail Siamos
  32. Maria Touriki
  33. Eleni Tsakopoulou
  34. Yannos Tsatalis
  35. Athina Hadzigianni
  36. Theodora Chira
  37. Sotiria Chrimatopoulou

Participation in Student Conference at the Zografeio Lyceum

The Student Conference 2016 took place in Thessaloniki (Mandoulides Schools) from March 20 to April 3,2016 and was dedicated to our Nobel-winning poet, Odysseas Elytis.