English Language Department


The English language is a tool for life and learning it means acquiring multiple skills on many levels, making it an invaluable qualification for our students’ future. As with every language, apart from learning grammar and vocabulary, students also learn a new way of thinking and perception of the world.


Studying at our school is, by definition, certification of excellent knowledge of the English language. However, because we know that the acquisition of diplomas is a serious matter for our students’ subsequent professional careers, the teachers of the English Department prepare students for these diplomas when the students are judged to be ready to acquire them.

New Curriculum

At the beginning of their studies at our school, but also at the end of each academic year, each student is placed in an English class according to his/her performance during the school year, always bearing in mind what is best for the progress of each student

Since the 2013-14 school year, we have introduced a new collection of teaching books which we consider to be in line with the philosophy described above. The new books have been selected following a great deal of thought and research by an English Department committee. In the selection process, we have taken into consideration, among other things, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which defines the levels of competence on a European level. You can find further information on the Framework at this link: http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/linguistic/Cadre1_en.asp


Department Head: Evangelia Alexopoulou
Assistant Head: Chrysanthi Agrafioti

  1. Chrysanthi Agrafioti
  2. Evangelia Alexopoulou
  3. Vasiliki Alexopoulou
  4. Maria Arvaniti
  5. Afroditi Chrysanthopoulou
  6. Chryssoula Babouris – Smith
  7. Christina Chryssaki
  8. Iakovos Delatolas – Saveris
  9. Sophia Dimopoulou
  10. Eleni Florou
  11. Vasiliki Giannopoulou
  12. Gisela Iosif
  13. Athanasia Kalodiki
  14. Efthymia Karava
  15. Elpida Karmali
  16. Christina Katsouli
  17. Anna Maria Konstantaki – Burke
  18. Aspasia Krintira
  19. Marilena Maniati
  20. Veraliza Miliaresi
  21. Evangelia Niadas
  22. Artemis Papadopoulou
  23. Maria Petropoulou
  24. Zinovia Pissari
  25. Nikoleta Sarantopoulou
  26. Evgenia Skountzou
  27. Konstantinos Tatsis
  28. Zoe Tsakmaki
  29. Petra Tseliou
  30. Christina Tziva
  31. Christina Varveri
  32. Evangelia Vlachogianni