Aims and Goals

The Pierce Gymnasium was founded in 1875and since then it has continued to offer high-quality education to young people.

The School follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion. According to Law 4327/1963, ΦEK A’ 157 27-9-63, as amended by Law 486/1968, ΦΕΚ Α΄ 169, the Gymnasium of Pierce is equivalent (ισότιμο και ομοταγές) to respective public Greek schools.

Program of Studies

The program of studies at Pierce more than fulfills the requirements of the government’s Analytical Program. Teaching is conducted in the Greek language.

Our School’s Academic Program is carried out by a selected faculty in an atmosphere of harmonious coexistence and mutual respect between students and teachers. Our school has academic departments, each with its own Head, according to the model of the American educational system. In collaboration with the Heads, the Directors organize and coordinate the program of studies, school events and the professional development of the faculty. The work of the teachers is supported by Smart Classrooms, which provide all of the necessary technological equipment for modern teaching, a library, fully equipped Science and Computer labs and Art workshops and excellent athletics facilities.

English is taught as the mandatory 1st foreign language, with an increased number of hours of teaching per week. English is a major course at Pierce. The expert teachers implement modern teaching methods for the English language. Students are allocated to small classes according to the level of their knowledge of the language.

The Academic Program also includes the teaching of a 2nd foreign language, French, German, Spanish and Italian. As in the teaching of English, in the teaching of the 2nd foreign language students are allocated to classes according to the level of their knowledge.

The fully equipped Media Center also contributes to the effective teaching and learning of foreign languages.

Aimed at the development of our students’ sense of responsibility, the spirit of cooperation and volunteerism, helping our fellow humans, as well as their becoming sensitive to the problems that concern the modern world (environmental, social, etc.), there is an enormous range of activities such as educational visits, clubs, after-school programs, Greek and international programs and competitions, cultural events and talks.