Non ministrari, sed ministrare – Not to be served, but to serve

A core mission of The American College of Greece is to contribute to the advancement of Greece and the global community through teaching, scholarship, outreach and service rooted in the American educational tradition. The achievement of this mission is not possible without the support of parents, alumni and friends of the College who join us in the belief that high achieving students should have the opportunity to attain a quality education in Greece.


Following the model of independent educational institutions in the U.S., ACG is a mission-driven charitable organization and is required by U.S. law to invest all revenue gained from its educational operations (tuition, fees, room and board etc.) in its mission – teaching, scholarship, service. Educational operating revenue covers approximately 85% of the cost of delivering ACG’s mission. ACG depends on distributions from its endowment and philanthropy (donations from individuals and organizations) to close the gap between educational operating revenue and expenses. Endowment and philanthropy provide the margin of excellence that benefits every ACG student and family; no ACG student pays the full cost of their education.

Donations of all sizes are appreciated and encouraged as we continue the tradition of philanthropic support that began in Smyrna in 1875. Join us to help us reach our goals.

For more info please contact the Office of Advancement at +30 210 600 9800 ext.1379,