From Smyrna to Paleo Phalero, to Helleniko and now to Aghia Paraskevi, Pierce has changed locations many times in its 145-year history. Many of the buildings that hosted our students and staff have been burned, bombarded, transformed and even demolished. The college came close to disaster on several occasions, especially, in its early history. Yet, its visionary leaders and resourceful teachers and students have ensured that it not only survived but came out strengthened by the experiences.

In 2020, new development plans forced the demolition of the Helleniko buildings. In our effort to preserve pieces of our history, the school has managed to secure the facades of three of the Helleniko buildings that were demolished.

Our goal is to exhibit the Helleniko Facades (THE HILL HOUSE, THE BRISTOL HALL, THE ORLINDA CHILDS PIERCE COLLEGE) throughout our ACG Campus to ensure that new generations of students, parents and staff, remember and connect with the school’s past.

In the next months, we need to raise 100,000 Euros for the restoration of the Helleniko Facades.

We invite you to be a Pillar of Pierce and support our efforts!

More info on this campaign here 

Ionic and Doric Pillars plaques as they will appear on the Helleniko Facades, here

Listen to Elli Giotopoulou Sisilianou, Professor of History of Art at Pierce, talking about the Hill House.


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Donations of any amount are highly valued. Donors will be acknowledged in print and digital ACG media and on the ACG Campus.