After-School Programs – Rules of Operation

After-School Programs operate after the morning program has ended (3:30 p.m.) and end at 5:00 p.m. The classes begin on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 and end on Friday, May 24, 2019.

Registration – Annual Tuition Fees – Payment:
Registration forms are submitted electronically and are completed during the month of September. Anyone who has not registered in time can submit their application during the year providing that there are spaces available. The full amount of the tuition fees is due regardless of the student’s registration date.

The tuition fees for the after-school programs are available here.

There is no charge for the After-School Clubs.

Payment for the After-School Athletics Programs may be made either by deposit in the account of the Deree College Athletic Club (ALPHA BANK IBAN: GR34 0140 4290 4290 0200 2003 006, NATIONA BANK OF GREECE IBAN: GR49 011018000000 180 001 10454) or by credit card or cash at the Pierce Cashier’s Office. The entire amount of the tuition fees is due upon completion of registration. The (scanned) bank deposit slip should be sent to [email protected] (Reason for deposit: “student code”).

Payment of tuition fees for After-School Educational Programs (e.g. foreign languages, music) is made to the Pierce account for the morning program and in installments, due on the dates that already apply.

Changes – Discontinuation – Absence – Exit Passes:
Anyone wishing to change activity will have to notify the secretary of the After-School Program using the contact form or at [email protected] Changes in activities will take place during the first month of classes. In case of discontinuation, parents must immediately inform the secretary of the After-School Program in writing via e-mail: [email protected] or using the relevant contact form.

In case of non-notification, the student is considered to be attending regularly. If the discontinuation is not declared in writing by September 30th, the entire amount of tuition fees is due. In case a student is absent from an after-school activity, parents will be notified by SMS to their mobile phone, regardless of whether the student was present or absent from the morning program.

In case of any change to the student’s days of participation in an activity, the parent is obliged to inform the secretary of the After-School program in writing via e-mail: [email protected] or by using the relevant contact form.

To issue an exit pass to a student for the end of the after-school class, please contact the secretary of the After-School Program in a timely manner, and only in writing, at [email protected] or using the contact form.

School Buses:
The Afternoon bus schedule is available here. For students that make full daily use of the school buses (100%), there is no extra charge for the afternoon buses. For students who choose an After-School Club or participate in an after-school Academy, there is no charge for use of the afternoon bus on the specific days that they participate in the Club/Academy. For students who participate in all other after-school programs (athletics, educational), the fees are available here.

Important Notes:
On the first day of After-School classes, new students will gather at 3:30 p.m. outside the Gymnasium Dean’s Office, where they will meet their teachers.

Students should arrive on time at the place of each activity and leave campus immediately at the end of the program. Leaving before the end of the program is allowed only with the written permission of the Parent/Guardian, using the relevant contact form or at [email protected]

On days when the school has a schedule trip or celebration, students will be notified in a timely manner as to whether or not the After-School program will operate, either by SMS to parents/guardians’ mobile phone or by email.

Students must respect the school campus and the property (notebooks, books, etc.) of their classmates that are in classrooms.

Specifically for After-School Athletic Activities, parents will have to submit a Medical Certificate during the first week of the program. Please note that the Health Form that is submitted for the morning program does not cover their participation in these activities.

For a After-School activity to operate, it is required to have a minimum number of students, which differs for each activity.

After-School Activities are a continuation of the Pierce morning program and, therefore, the Gymnasium-Lyceum Internal Rules and Regulations, which has been accepted by Parents and Guardians upon registration of their children, apply. The same rules apply to the Athletic Program, which is implemented by the Deree College Athletic Club.

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