Supplementary Program for B Lyceum Students

Pierce – The American College of Greece provides its students with a high-level education, the result being that every responsible student, with his /her own home study, can successfully meet the requirements not only of of his/her classes but also of the Panhellenic Exams, without extra help. However, many of our students, due mainly to the sense of insecurity caused by the high demands of the exams and, despite the efforts made by the College, seek outside help with their coursework.

Although we unreservedly support that the hours of teaching and the work of our teachers are sufficient to cover and consolidate the syllabus, we understand our students’ sense of insecurity and, for that reason, as you know, we offer our students even up to A Lyceum the innovative online individual support program, Pierce e-tutoring. In this context, B Lyceum students who wishes to can attend the Supplementary Class Program to consolidate their understanding of the course material in the following subjects:

  • Composition Writing, Ancient Greek (for students following the Humanities program)
  • Composition Writing, Mathematics, Physics (for students following the Sciences program)

Each of these classes will be taught in School for 2 periods, immediately following the end of the morning program (3:30-5:00 p.m.) The start date of the Program is scheduled for Monday, September 26th. You can see the program here. The cost for each of the first two classes is €390 per year and €265 per year for the third class. For a class to be formed in each subject, a minimum of 6 students is required and the number of students in a class will not exceed 9. Regarding students’ use of after-school buses for their return home, we remind you that for students that make full, daily use of the buses (100% charge) or use the buses only for their return  (75% charge), there is no extra charge for the after-school buses.

With this program, the College supports B Lyceum students in a reliable way by utilizing Pierce’s experienced teaching staff, and helps them to save time for their individual study, which is the most important factor in the achievement of their goals, without any extra teaching support.

If, with regard to the above, you wish your child to take part in this program, please contact the Deputy Director of the Lyceum, Mr. K. Abatzis (ext. 1165, [email protected]).